How do you know it's time to redesign your website?

Before we get started, ask yourself a quick question – how long ago did you get your current website? Was it 1 year ago? 5 years ago or More?

Chances are, if you have a website and you haven’t given it much love lately, it’s time for a redesign.

Luckily, upgrading your website isn’t as scary as you think, below we advise how to tell if it’s time to give your site a spruce up!

Common signs you may need a website redesign

If any of the following tell-tale signs you need to upgrade your website sound familiar, it might be time to consider a website upgrade!

It just doesn’t “feel” right

When you view your website it just doesn’t look good. The colors aren’t right, the images no longer work, and the overall feel gives off an outdated or unprofessional look. Your competitor’s websites look much more modern, clean and professional and make their businesses look better than yours, even if they’re not.

Like stepping back in time

You look at your website and it’s like stepping in a time machine to the place the internet was many years ago. The font is too small, your site looks small on modern screens & is hard to read and it just doesn’t fit with all the new styles and advances in technology over the years.

You can’t update it yourself

Many older websites were built before content management systems like WordPress were commonplace. They were often built in code by web developers who you have to pay every time you want even a small update, and you find this extremely frustrating.

Has a separate mobile site or doesn’t adapt to mobile devices

Does your website look like a tiny miniature version of your site on mobile screens so small that you can’t read it, and when you try zooming in you end up having to drag the screen around just to read a normal sentence?

Or maybe you have a separate mobile site that needs to be updated by your web developer seperately to your main site and looks like a series of buttons with no real design?

Your website keeps getting hacked

As technology advances, so do the skills of hackers, if you’re not constantly upgrading your site and maintaining it’s security, you’re putting your reputation and business at risk. Older websites are much more vulnerable to attacks, resulting in costly repairs and potentially losing your site all together!

Re-designing your website

When it comes time to redesigning your website, we’ve had a lot of experience in making the process as smooth as possible. Here are 4 steps we take, so you can learn and take the hassle out of your next website redesign.

Step 1

Planning & Discovery

Step 2

Layout Design

Step 3

Website Content

Step 4

Website Development

Step 5

Launch Website

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